Amrutanjan Health Care Share Price Target 2022 2023 2024 2025

Amrutanjan Health Care Share Price Target 2022

amrutanjan share price target 2022

Founded by Kasinadhuni Nageswararao in 1893, Amrutanjan Health Care is a Chennai-based company that manufactures ayurvedic products, allopathic medicines, and bulk drugs. Its products include analgesics, cough medicine, congestion management, hygiene products, and oral rehydration drinks. It also offers ayurvedic balm for headaches and cold. The company has three plants located in the Alandur industrial belt near Madras. It recently entered into a joint venture with Cardiff Chemicals to produce analgesics and drug intermediates. The company also has an agreement with a Philadelphia-based company to manufacture drug intermediates.

The company’s financial performance and key valuation ratios suggest that Amrutanjan Health Care is overvalued. This is based on the company’s P/E RATIO, which is 0.9, and the PB RATIO, which is 0.9. This suggests that the company is overvalued, and will likely fall in the short term.

The company has three segments: ayurvedic, beverages, and OTC. It produces ayurvedic balm for cold, cough medicine, and congestion management in the ayurvedic segment. It also manufactures fruit juices, oral rehydration drinks, and hygiene products in the beverages segment. The company also produces drugs intermediates and bulk drugs in the OTC segment.

The company recently announced Q1FY23 results. Its results showed that the company had an increase in raw material prices, and an increase in the company’s advertising expenditure. The company also announced that the packing material prices were higher than the Q1FY22 results. The company also declared a dividend of Rs 1.9 per share.

The company’s share price is currently at Rs 722.7. The company has a dividend yield of 0.3 percent. The company is planning to launch analgesic tablets in the future. The company has also entered into a joint venture with Cardiff Chemicals, and will supply custom-made chemicals. The company is planning to increase the amount of its advertising spend, as well as introduce ayurvedic tablets for cold and cough.

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