Cheapest Water Purifier – Pros and Cons

Cheapest Water Purifier – Pros and Cons

The Sawyer Mini is perhaps the cheapest water purifier on the market. This portable device filters dirty water in advance, into a container provided with it, and then releases the clean water into your bottle. While the Sawyer Mini does not have a large capacity, it is lightweight and should last a long time. In addition, there is no need to replace the filter, and it can easily be flushed out with a small syringe. It may be the only water purifier on the market that does not require a large purchase.

A water purifier removes viruses, bacteria, and particulates from water. It is also an effective means to protect against waterborne diseases while traveling abroad. Some water purifiers even remove odors. However, this type of equipment cannot remove heavy metals or chemicals. Nonetheless, it can be an excellent companion while traveling abroad.

Another option is a reverse osmosis water filter. These water purifiers can be installed under the sink or countertop. They also produce hydrogen, which may have additional benefits. However, reverse osmosis water filters do require space and installation by a plumber.

The Guardian water purifier is not for everyone. It’s expensive and most people are not willing to invest that much. In addition, the Guardian is big, adding to the weight and space in your pack. It also has a backflush system, which is an added bonus for turbid water.

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