Dmart Share Price Target 2023 2024 2025 2030

Dmart Share Price Target 2023 Dmart Share Price Target 2024 Dmart Share Price Target 2025 Dmart Share Price Target 2030 Shop at Avenue Supermarts (DMART IN) Target at Rs.5118 Prabhudas Lilladher


We expect an increase of 42% in PAT for FY22-25. We will keep BUY with the rise in DCF to 518 Rs (Rs4636 previously).

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At 17:30, Avenue Supermarts was quoting at 4,391.75. 4,391.75 in the increase of 140.80, or 3.31 percent. 140.80 or 3.31 percent.

It’s reached an intraday peak in the amount of 4,402.15 and a low intraday at Rs 4,252.00.

It traded with volumes of 32,043 shares. This was in contrast to its 30 day typical of 25,497 shares. the increase was 20.93 percent.

In the last trading session the share was lower by 1.50 percent or the equivalent of Rs 64.90 in the range of Rs 4,250.95.

The share surpassed its 52-week high of 5,899.90 as well as its 52-week lowest of 3,185.10 on 18 October 2021, and 16 May 2022, and 16 May, 2022.

At present, it’s trading 25.56 percent lower than its 52-week high , and 37.88 percent higher than its 52-week low.

The market capitalisation is currently at 284,486.45 crore.

The report breaks down this market into segments. Target Drone market on the basis of the types of drones:AutonomousRemotely PilotedOptionally Piloted

Based on the type of application Based on the type of application, the Target Drone Market is segmented into:Airborne ForcesGround ForcesNaval Forces

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Important elements from The Table of Table of Contents of Target Drone Market:

— Target Drone Market Overview

Industry Chain and Sourcing Strategies and Downstream Buyers

– Marketing Strategies Analysis, Distributors/Traders

Analyzing Market-Influcting Fact

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