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EASY TRIP Share Price Target 2022. EASY TRIP Share Price Target 2023, EASY TRIP Share Price Target 2024, EASY TRIP Share Price Target 2025

Easy Trip Planners Share Price Target

Whenever you want to make a purchase in the stock market, you will need to understand the different factors that will influence the price of a particular share. You will also need to understand the price target of a particular stock. These two factors are very important and they can make or break your purchase.

Analysts’ price targets

Several methods are used to come up with a target price. Some investors prefer to go with a multi-tiered approach that allows them to see the company’s stock through the eyes of different analysts. While there are many methodologies, most fall into two basic categories. These include absolute and relative valuation.

One of the most important tasks an analyst has to accomplish is determining a company’s projected earnings per share. To do this, they often lean on averages from the industry or industry segments. They also need to make an educated guess or two about the company’s future cash flow and its growth potential. Once the analysts have determined projected EPS, they are in a better position to determine a target price. The price target is not the only piece of due diligence, however, and many investors view it as only one of several factors that will determine their investment success.

EASY TRIP Share Price Target

There are several other ways to arrive at a target price, including the use of historical data, current market conditions and the stock’s historical performance. While all of these methods are useful, the best way to go about determining a company’s target price is to use a systematic approach that takes into account the company’s past performance. For instance, in a bear market, analysts might decide to cut estimates or reduce their target price. This could help investors find a stock that is a good buy at an attractive price. In a bull market, analysts might be more bullish on a company’s future growth prospects. It also helps to consider the impact of a company’s recent news releases and other market factors. This will help you to determine if an analyst’s stock price target is prudent or a waste of time.


Listed on the NSE and BSE, Easy Trip Planners Limited is an online travel ticket booking business. The company provides a variety of travel related products and services including taxi reservations, travel insurance, package tours, visa arrangements, and event tickets. Its EPS is currently -$0.05. The company plans to go public this year. It recently filed preliminary documents for an IPO worth rs. 1,600 crore.

EASY TRIP Share Price Target 2023

The company’s share price has corrected by 15 percent in the last six months. Its EPS has fallen from $0.80 to $0.27, according to analysts. In addition, its revenue estimates have been cut. The company announced its Q2FY23 results. Its share price rose on November 23 to close at Rs. 67.

Easy Trip Planners Ltd has received five analyst ratings in the last three months. Among them, one analyst recommends buying the stock, while three recommend selling. The company is valued at Rs491 per share, according to the average of analyst price targets.

EASY TRIP Share Price Target 2024

The company’s EPS is forecast to rise to $1.16 by 2024, according to analysts. In addition, its Force Index has been moving in the negative zone. This indicates that the company’s selling momentum is weakening.

Easy Trip Planners Limited is the second largest online travel agency in India. Its shares are trading near their recent lows. Its analysts may have overly optimistic forecasts in the past. However, the company’s share price is set to break the range. The company’s share price forecasts are based on revenue estimates and historical shares.

If you are looking for stocks to invest in, Easy Trip Planners Ltd stocks are a good option. The company’s stock is listed on various forums and charts.

Buy / sell signals

Whether you’re new to the stock market or a seasoned pro, there are a few ways to tell when to buy and sell stocks. One way to find out is by using an exponential moving average. This provides buy signals based on average price action.

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Is EaseMyTrip a good stock to buy?

Another option is the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator. It is commonly referred to as the MACD line. This line shows you when a stock is in a strong selling or buying trend. It also hints at the possibility of a reversal. It’s also worth noting that the MACD line is an oscillator. This means it can be used for more than just predicting when a stock is going to go up or down.

EASY TRIP Share Price Target Another indicator that can help you determine when to buy and sell is the Bollinger Bands. This is an indicator consisting of three horizontal lines. It is used by traders to indicate when a stock is overbought or oversold. It’s also worth noting that a stock in a negative zone indicates that selling momentum is waning. If the reversal is close to the lower band, it’s likely to lead to gains.

EASY TRIP Share Price Target 2025

Finally, the EASY TRIP Share Price Target new high / low price alert is a subset of the standard daily high / low alerts. It reports unusually high or low numbers of shares on the best ask or bid. It’s worth noting that this type of alert is aimed at fast traders. The alerts are more common than the confirmed versions, which are on the same time scale as a 15 minute chart. It’s worth noting that the alert is most likely to go off once at each integer percent level.

Recent lows

During the recent stock market sessions, Easy Trip Planners Ltd. (ETPL) saw the stock price soaring by 40%. The company also announced some noteworthy tidbits of information. For instance, the company announced a major stock split. In addition, it issued bonus shares. In fact, the company’s board of directors approved a three to one equity share ratio.

Why Easy Trip share falling

As a result, the stock has a positive chart pattern, which is also a good thing for portfolio holders. As the company’s subsidiaries have been growing over the years, the company has a solid track record of providing financial benefits to shareholders. Its net profit for the second quarter of the fiscal year clocked in at Rs28.2 crore, which was up 91.5% from the previous quarter. This is not a bad result, considering that it was just one quarter ago that Easy Trip had booked a net loss of Rs27.1 crore.

On the other hand, the stock’s most notable achievement was in the area of securing a hefty bonus. This amounted to a face value of Rs1 per share, which is a substantial boost to the company’s equity base. And it also represents a notable milestone, as it represents the first time that a stock in the company has done such a thing. This also indicates that the company’s board has taken note of its investors’ needs. In the near future, the company plans to launch a new service to help travellers plan their holidays.

The company’s board also approved the split of its equity shares. This amounted to a three to one ratio and it was the first time the company has made such a move. As a result, the stock has now opened at a fresh 52-week high.

Market reaction

ICICI Securities – Easy Trip Planners Limited has maintained a BUY rating on its shares. The company’s stock opened at a fresh 52-week high yesterday. The firm has a low cost structure and strong balance-sheet. According to ICICI Securities, Easy Trip Planners is the best proxy for the recovery of the travel industry.

In the recent past, EaseMyTrip has witnessed positive growth and has become the fastest growing OTA player in India. The firm’s revenue has also crossed the 100 crore mark. Its net profit for the period between July and September rose to Rs28.2 crore. Its net profit for the past fiscal year was Rs27.1 crore. The company’s revenue grew by 91.5% over the period. The company’s share price has also rallied by more than 40% in the past two sessions.

easy trip bonus share credit date

The firm’s board has approved issuing bonus shares of three times the number of shares held by each shareholder. It has also approved a subdividing of the equity shares. This is aimed at attracting small potential shareholders into the firm’s future. easy trip bonus share record date The board has fixed November 22 as the record date for the bonus shares. The bonus shares have a face value of Rs1. The company has also announced a stock split of existing shares. This will be completed by November 27. The new shares have a face value of Rs1 and will be issued in three different ratios.

As the stock has been gaining momentum, investors are buying in and booking profits. The MACD line has started to weaken its SELL signal, indicating a selling momentum. The Force Index is also indicating a weakening of the selling momentum. While the stock is down trending for a short term, it is gaining momentum for a medium term.

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