Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

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Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target

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Dynamic levels provide share price forecast
Having a PE of 13.7, Fineotex Chemical Ltd provides a small margin of safety in a purchase price. Fineotex Chemical Ltd’s price to earnings ratio is based on the last four quarters’ consolidated earnings from October, 2018 to September, 2019.

Fineotex Chemical Ltd is a family owned and run company. It has been growing its sales at a rate of 25% each year. Its business model is dependent on several macroeconomic parameters. It has been facing intense competition from smaller and unorganized players in India as well as from European manufacturers. It has also faced significant amounts of money stuck in trade receivables.

Fineotex Chemical multibagger

Fineotex Chemical Ltd’s business model is also affected by the Chinese crackdown on polluting chemical manufacturers. Its profit margin has been low as Chinese manufacturers have been adjusting to the new regulations. Nevertheless, it has managed to maintain a high investment balance. It has also invested in real estate and equity shares of other companies.

Fineotex Chemical Ltd’s profit margins are very dependent on the nature of its business model. It has been facing difficulties in passing on raw material costs to its customers. In the last year, the company has been experiencing a decline in profit margins.

Fineotex Chemical Ltd’s net profit margin has been largely followed the trend of its operating profit margin. It has been decreasing since FY2016. However, the company has managed to maintain a high cash balance.

Fineotex Chemical Ltd has also incorporated FCL Landmarc Private Limited as a wholly owned subsidiary. It will be involved in joint ventures in the initial stages. It has also invested in 40 companies since FY2015.

The company has also purchased an office and factory premises in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. However, these purchases appear to be made in personal capacity. It is possible that the promoters have rented properties to the company. This may have shifted economic benefits from the public shareholders to the promoters.

Market capitalisation
Founded in 1979, Fineotex Chemical is an India based company engaged in manufacturing specialty chemicals and ancillaries. The company manufactures specialty textile chemicals, water treatment chemicals, enzymes for textiles, hand disinfectants, paper adhesives, multi surface disinfectant liquids, and defoamers to name a few. The company also offers a variety of cleaning products and air fresheners.

Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2023HIGH- 555RS, LOW- 210RS
Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2024HIGH- 735RS, LOW- 340RS
Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2025HIGH- 650RS, LOW- 230RS
Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2030HIGH- 455RS, LOW- 150RS

As of the latest fiscal year, the market cap of Fineotex Chemical is estimated to be Rs3,552 Cr. This is a growth of almost 50 per cent from the year prior. The company is a spin off of the Fineotex Chemical Industries, which was a proprietorship concern of the Tibrewala family. Fineotex Chemical was the brainchild of Surendra Kumar Tibrewala, who was tasked with sourcing chemicals with a value added component. The company’s plant is located at Mahape in the MIDC of Navi Mumbai. This plant is among the newest in the country and has the latest in technology. It also has two laboratories.

Fineotex Chemical also has a wholly owned subsidiary in Malaysia. The company was formerly a private limited company whose business consisted of manufacturing enzymes for the textile and leather industries. It was converted to a public limited company in October 2007.

The company has a modest number of employees, with most of them located in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. It also has a presence in Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh. The company was also the first in the country to receive the ISO 9001:2000 certification. The company has an in house R&D center at Mahape. The best thing about Fineotex Chemical is the quality of its products. The company also has a large customer base, with some of its products reportedly being used in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

Fineotex chemical products categories

Among the leading players in the specialty chemicals sector, Fineotex Chemical has established itself as a world-class producer of specialty textile chemicals. It has a strong R&D capability, zero debt, and a reliable dividend-paying record. The company’s plants produce 43,000 tons of textile chemicals each year. Its products are available in over 60 countries worldwide. It also has major textile brands as trusted customers.

The company produces chemicals for a number of industries, including paints, leather, fertilizer, textiles, water treatment, and construction. Its product mix includes a wide variety of specialty chemicals for use in various applications. Some of the specialty products include chemicals for dyeing and pre-treatment processes, paper adhesives, surface disinfectants, defoamers, air fresheners, and hand disinfectants.

is fineotex chemical a good buy

Fineotex has a global reach, with plants in Malaysia and Selangor. The company also manufactures chemicals for oil and gas applications. Its products are sold in countries such as Colombia, Indonesia, India, and Bangladesh. Its plants have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing textile chemicals companies in the industry.

Fineotex has a strong brand image and offers a wide variety of products. Its products include specialty chemicals for the textile industry, enzymes for industrial use, and a wide range of auxiliary chemicals. Moreover, it offers products for printing, finishing, and sanitizing processes.

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The company’s plants are located in Navi Mumbai and Selangor, Malaysia. Its product portfolio includes specialty chemicals for water and oil drilling, surface disinfectants, detergents, and chemicals for personal care. The company also produces chemicals for the leather industry and enzymes for industrial use. It has received the Star Export House certification.

Fineotex Chemical believes that detergents will drive growth in the near term, and it is aggressively expanding into the detergents and home and personal care categories.

Recent LOWS
FINEOTEX CHEMICAL has recently declared positive results. In the latest quarter, the company declared EPS of Rs 1.9. However, the stock has not been able to make a significant move in the market so far. It has been trading in a range of Rs 318.6 to Rs 310. It is possible that the stock will get a lift from some positive news in the near future.

Fineotex Chemicals, based in Mumbai, manufactures specialty chemicals and auxiliary materials for textile, construction, leather, water and oil based drilling fluids, as well as textile dyeing process and printing process. It has major textile brands as its trusted customers. Its products include multi surface disinfectant liquids, paper adhesives, and sanitizing tablets. Its plants are located in Navi Mumbai and Selangor in Malaysia.

Fineotex Chemical competitors

Fineotex Chemicals is one of the largest manufacturers of specialty chemicals in India. Its products are used in more than 60 nations. Its manufacturing facilities have been expanded to produce 104,000 tons per year. Hence, it is able to serve its growing clientele across the globe.

Fineotex Chemicals is a holding company that operates in two segments – Textile and Other Manufacturing. The company produces chemicals for various applications, such as dyeing process, surface disinfectants, hand disinfectants, water and oil based drilling fluids, air fresheners, cleaning chemicals, and paper adhesives. Its products are used in various processes, such as pre-treatment, dyeing, water and oil based drilling fluids, textile and printing process, and hand disinfectants.

The company also manufactures specialty chemicals for leather, construction, textile, paint industry, water treatment, and other industrial applications. It has a number of products in the pipeline, including multi surface disinfectant liquids, paper adhesives, water and oil based drilling fluids, surface disinfectants, hand disinfectants, and cleaning chemicals.

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