HDIL Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040

HDIL Share Price Target 2023, HDIL Share Price Target 2024, HDIL Share Price Target 2025, HDIL Share Price Target 2030, HDIL Share Price Target 2040

HDIL Share Price Target 2023

Listed on NSE and BSE, Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited (HDIL) has the distinction of being one of the largest real estate companies in India. It deals in construction and contracting – real estate vertical and has a market cap of 246.5 crores (in a cr) or Rs. 246.5 (in a lak). HDIL has a slew of notable projects under its belt. Some of these include: a 54 Corporate Park in Santacruz (W) Mumbai, a IT Park in Bandup, three multiplexes in Vasai, and a slew of retail projects in Mumbai. Its latest big-ticket project is the Dharavi Slum Rehabilitation project, which is expected to generate close to Rs.25,000 crore in revenue for the Maharashtra government.

HDIL has a fairly low debt to equity ratio, a testament to the company’s frugality. The company also threw its hat into the ring in the real estate industry by launching a few township projects in Mumbai. HDIL also launched a multiplex in Kandivli, which is a first for its sector.

HDIL Share Price Target 2025

The company also has the distinction of being one of the largest developers in India. It has a few notable projects under its belt including: a 3 multiplexes in Vasai, a IT Park in Bandup, a slew of retail projects and a slew of other properties spanning the gamut from condominiums to townships. Its stock has been in a bullish cycle over the past 12 months, which isn’t all bad, but it doesn’t exactly scream ‘buy me’. In fact, the stock has not moved much in the last two months and has a current price of Rs.5.15 as of 28 November 2022 15:57.

HDIL Share Price Target 2030

The company’s fumbles with the latest version of its ERP system and a lack of visibility into the bottom line are two of the many reasons why the stock is in the red. As such, it has a rather low return on investment (ROI), a tad too much debt and a stock price that is expected to continue its downward trend. While the stock has the right stuff to attract investors, its long-term outlook is a bit murky. It is worth noting that the company is also battling stiff competition in the real estate sector. It is a good idea to take some time to study the company’s financial statements and growth plans.

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