RVNL Share Price Target 2023 2024 2025 2030 2040

RVNL Share Price Target 2023, RVNL Share Price Target 2024, RVNL Share Price Target 2025, RVNL Share Price Target 2030, RVNL Share Price Target 2040

Know the Rail Vikas Nigam Share Price Target Before You Invest

Investing in the shares of the railways is a good way to make money. However, you must be aware of the rail vikas nigam share price target before you invest. This is a good way to gauge whether you will get a return on your investment or not.


Located in Delhi, Rail Vikas Nigam Limited is a wholly owned government company. As the name suggests, it is involved in the construction of rail infrastructure in India.

RVNL Share Price Target 2023 2024 2025 2030 2040

The company is also involved in providing financial resources mobilization services to various government ministries and undertakings. In short, Rail Vikas Nigam is one of the more interesting companies in the land. The company has a good track record when it comes to executing its mega projects. One of the company’s recent assignments was to complete the Delhi-Lucknow-Goa high-speed rail line. As of the time of writing, it is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by the country’s flagship rail line. The company is also working on a major upgrade to the railways’ infrastructure.

The company’s track record is also not short on accolades. In fact, it is the recipient of the prestigious National Award for Excellence in Railway Engineering. The company is also a member of the National Association of Road Transport Companies (NARTC). Moreover, it has received the prestigious Railway Administration of India Award for the best performance in the Railways’ administrative and regulatory functions. The company is also one of the few in the country to earn an ISO 9001 certification for its quality management systems. It has also been recognized by the World Economic Forum for its innovation and foresight. It is also the first Indian rail company to be awarded the highest possible rating by its peers.

RVNL Share price performance

Getting a good look at the price tag of the company’s flagship stock will be a stern reminder of the sexier days of yesteryear. With a market cap of Rs 13.3 billion, the company’s stock is a relative bargain compared to its competition. The most recent quarterly results suggest a growth of 8.3% in the year to date. A new chairman of the board and a boardroom full of seasoned veterans are promising signs for the future. In fact, the company’s top notch research and development department has a pipeline that may be worth a hefty sum in the years to come. That said, the company may need to expand its empire as fast as it can churn out cash. Considering that it has a market cap of over Rs 13,302 crore, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

The company’s latest earnings report prompted a flurry of stock price speculation, with investors lining up to grab a piece of the action. The company has a healthy balance sheet, a healthy dividend payout and the aforementioned chief exemplifier, but the company is still chasing the golden goose and has a lot of work to do before it can call itself a household name.

RVNL Share Future prospects, Is RVNL a good buy for long term?

Founded in 2003, Rail Vikas Nigam is a special purpose vehicle. It is engaged in undertaking development projects and mobilizing financial resources for construction of rail infrastructure in India. Rail Vikas Nigam is a subsidiary of Indian Railways.

It is engaged in developing and executing railway projects such as metro projects, cable stayed bridges, major bridges, and railway lines. Its order book is close to Rs 77,500 crore. The company is executing railway projects on fast track basis. In the last three years, Rail Vikas Nigam has expanded its revenue by 34 percent. In the last three years, the company has paid dividends to shareholders. In the most recent quarter, its EPS was Rs 1.5.

RVNL Share Price Target 2023, RVNL Share Price Target 2024, RVNL Share Price Target 2025, RVNL Share Price Target 2030, RVNL Share Price Target 2040

Rail Vikas Nigam has a strong order book of around 10 times its annual sales. Almost all Railways’ engineering projects are entrusted to the company. It has developed various capabilities over the years. These include civil engineering works in connection with the diesel loco component factory, Diva – Kalyan 5th & 6th Line, Jakhapura-Haridaspur 3rd Line, Gurup-Saktigarh Extn of 3rd Line, etc.

Rail Vikas Nigam has also approved a recruitment policy. According to the company, it is engaged in developing a human resource that is capable of providing the best possible service to the public. It also emphasizes on work life balance. Railway reforms are aimed at enhancing efficiency and safety. These include the introduction of private train operators, participation models for rail connectivity, and increased transparency. In addition, new technologies are being incorporated into the Railways’ infrastructure. Some of these are the new Signalling Systems, automated train examination system, SMART yards, and solar powered passenger coaches.

Rail Vikas Nigam has launched a “Vision 2024” for accelerated implementation of critical projects by 2024. The vision includes 100% electrification, multi-tracking of congested routes, and elimination of all level crossings on congested routes. These reforms have also encouraged private sector participation in railway infrastructure


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Is RVNL a good stock to buy?

Among the most promising trends that have swept the stock market over the last few years, one that has shown remarkable results is the stock of Rail Vikas Nigam Limited. This company is involved in the construction of railway infrastructure projects in India. Its major projects include gauge conversion, major bridges, railway electrification and metro projects.

The company is a government-owned undertaking, which was incorporated in 1997. It works on a project-based model. In the last three years, the share price of the company has been consistently rising, and it has been returning more than ninety percent of its capital to its shareholders. There are some risks involved, however, including reliance on private contractors to complete projects.

Is RVNL a government company?

The government is planning to sell 12% of its stake in RVNL, which is valued at Rs 481.6 crore. The government plans to raise money by listing state-owned enterprises on bourses. It has thus far issued 11 initial public offerings (IPOs) that have raised over Rs70,000 crore. The other 114 proposed offerings seek to raise about Rs35,000 crore.

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited has been profitable for the last 13 years. It has completed some important projects, including the new Delhi metro lines and gauge conversion. The company is also in the business of cable-stayed bridges and major bridges. It has also entered into an MoU with Mahanadi Coalfields Limited, which is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. In the most recent quarter, the company had an EPS of Rs 1.5. Its last traded price was Rs 67.2 on the NSE.

RVNL Share Price Target 2023, RVNL Share Price Target 2024, RVNL Share Price Target 2025, RVNL Share Price Target 2030, RVNL Share Price Target 2040


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